The dukan diet: most effective and easy diet to lose weight

tasty fresh salad with feta cheese
tasty fresh salad with feta cheese

In this era of fast food and ready-to-eat products and much less physical activity in our lives, the majority of us at one point or other would have faced an issue with our weights. Maybe it could be because of health issues, to feel good about one-self or just to remain healthy. Many of us don’t have the option to hit the gym or even if one does, due to varying reason we cannot continue going to the gym regularly. We then resort to diets. It now turns of Dukan diet to take the world by storm.

Why choose the Dukan diet?

It’s observed in many cases that although the diet we opt for helps us to reduce our weights, we invariably end up putting those lost weights back on in a matter of a few months. Let’s face it most of us cannot stick to a particular diet for over a long period, and not for our entire life. The human body is so engineered by nature that, it begins to crave for things its so very used to over some time (how many of us who splurge on chocolate bars or ice cream can turn our face against it? And even if we manage to do how long do you think you can keep your hands from reaching for it, to get a teeny weenie bit of it??)

What is the Dukan diet?

Dukan diet is a diet plan that lets you lose your weight and yet allows you to have the pleasure of eating, without driving you mad with a craving for your favourite food. This wonderful diet plan was brought about by Dr Dukan nearly a decade ago in France. It’s a diet plan with four phases that stick to healthy eating. If followed strictly, it will not only help you lose oodles of weight but will also help you get back to normal healthy eating without letting you gaining weight back for an entire lifetime.

What to eat during the Dukan diet?

Dukan diet is based on a diet of only protein and lots of water for a few days and then in the next phase lets, you have varieties of vegetables along with your protein intake.  eco slim Once you reach your ideal weight, the dietary constraints are relaxed, you can even take a bite of that chocolate that you had left back in the fridge for a few weeks now. Once you reach the perfect figure that is healthy for you, all you have to do is to stick to the protein-only diet on one day of every week. It will help you burn any weight you have gained in that week.

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