Penis ringworm

black and white picture of a couple in intimate situation
black and white picture of a couple in intimate situation

Male genital tract infection is usually asymptomatic and often it focuses on women. Thus treatment of fungal infection must be taken by both partners. Ringworms has to be diagnosed as soon as possible mainly because in the future might be root to infertility (penis mycosis reduces the life of the sperm) and difficulty becoming pregnant.

Causes of penis ringworm

  • Antibiotics,
  • Undetected diabetes,
  • Infection transmitted during sexual contact,
  • Insufficient personal hygiene

Symptoms of fungal infection of the penis

  • Redness of the glans mucosa and foreskin
  • Burning and itching,
  • Pain during ejaculation.
  • White raids on an acorn,
  • Painful urge to urinate,
  • Redness of penis skin,
  • Infection of the prostate and caused inflammation,
  • Presence of phimosis that impedes intercourse
  • Frequent urination

What is phimosis and what she can reach?

Phimosis is a malposition of the foreskin, which slides with difficulty or no slides at all from the acorn. In healthy people, the foreskin should slide down easily without unpleasant sensations together with exposing the entire glans .


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