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close up on hand and nails
close up on hand and nails

A lot of people have extolled the virtues of owning a pet, and dogs and cats are among the household favourites. While the funny antics of pets can provide entertainment for the family and undemanding companion, they are sadly among the likely sources of allergens. A lot of people have been known to develop allergic reactions when exposed to dogs and cats and other furry pets and pose a serious health threat especially to highly sensitive children.

Pet allergies

The usual culprits for pet allergies are animal dander or the skin flakes they shed and the protein derived from the saliva of the pet. The animal dander is usually trapped in the fur which explains the common misconception why a lot of people claim that they are allergic to fur, when in fact the allergen is the dander. And aside from the dead skin flakes, the fur is also known to play host to other allergy-triggers such as pollen, dust and mould spores, thus making it a notorious irritant. This makes you a highly susceptible candidate for pet allergy attacks.

How to prevent pet allergy

However, if you are so keen on keeping your adorable bundle of fur, you don’t need to give it up if you take the necessary precautions. Just follow some simple home pet allergy remedies to ensure you and your pet will be able to live harmoniously and deftly avoid what seems to be a personal death wish on your part. The first logical thing to do is to make sure your pet will not be able to go near your bedroom. It would also be a sensible idea if you will clean the home with some HEPA air purifier filters to effectively remove all the airborne dander and other allergens. Choose dander reducing shampoo to use on your pet so you will be able to minimize the irritants. Vacuum regularly. Make sure you will use the HEPA filters on your vacuum cleaner so will not inadvertently introduce more allergens that cleaning it up. Take other health precautions such as regularly changing the vent filters to ensure that you will only be re-circulating clean air. Of course, you should never forget to wash your hands after a rough and tumble session with your pet to effectively remove any dander particles in your hands.

Long-term solutions for pet allergies

For some long-term solutions, you might want to consider removing the carpet altogether, as this is known to be one of the prime sites for allergens to accumulate. If you don’t want to part with your precious carpets or if it’s certainly not an option on your case, then the viable option would be to spray it liberally with denaturing solution to effectively deactivate the allergens present in it. You can also purchase an ionic brush to use on your pet to efficiently remove the dander and dust in the pet’s fur. These are just some of the precautionary measure you can employ if you want to keep your pet around. You may not know it, but there are a lot of pet allergy products available to incorporate in regular home appliances and equipment to meet the needs of certain individuals who are allergic to animals.

Pet allergy treatment need not be as drastic as totally giving up your pet since there is a lot of allergen contributors other than pet dander. So it’s best to fully equip your home with pet allergy products to sanitize the air and free your home with irritants. Among the basic products that you should get are vent guards, HEPA air cleaners, allergen filters, allergy repellant bed covers and anti-allergy deterrents. While it may seem like an all to an elaborate scheme to deal with seemingly harmless pet dander, exposing yourself to such risks is not an option if you are highly sensitive.

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