Dukan diet versus Atkins diet

fresh green smoothie for juice diet
fresh green smoothie for juice diet

After I stopped smoking I started to put pounds on. I have tried loads of diets and what I like about the Dukan Diet is that you can eat some foods as much as you like and combine work and dieting without trouble.

Difference between Dukan and Atkins diets

The major difference between them is that as per the Dukan diet plan the dieter is not required to count the number of carbs or calories consumed in a day in any of its four phases.  Counting of net calories is an important step as calorie count is the centre point in the Atkins dieting program.

Dukan diet program restricts the consumption of products full of fat. Dieters are only allowed to consume low-fat products proteins which include low-fat dairy products which are good for the human heart. Atkins program, on the other hand, allows the dieter to consume full-fat dairy products including meat and cheese which contains high levels of saturated fat.

Counting vs not counting calories

Dukan diet relies more on the consumption of natural foods which are its source for essential vitamins and minerals required for the body to stay healthy. Whereas in the Atkins diet program the dieter can consume any packaged stuff which contains low vitamins and other important minerals.

In Dukan diet plans the dieter can eat as much protein-based diet as long as he wishes too without bothering on counting any calorie intake. This, however, is not possible in the Atkins diet because as per the Atkins diet plan the dieter has to track and count the number of calories he is consuming

Moreover, the Dukan diet plan has been very successful in reducing the body weights of the dieters, who have been following the guidelines properly. The rapid reduction of body weight is the prime reason for its huge popularity all around the world.

And the winner is…

Dukan diet plan is a simple plan which is essentially based on the consumption of protein. Dukan diet plan has made all the necessary provisions to safeguard the dieter from the side effects which can happen to him during the program. The protein-based diet plan gives the dieter to choose from a wide variety of food items without affecting the outcome.

This innovative four-phased program has been the preferred choice of obese and overweight people. Even popular celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have followed the program to reduce her pre-pregnancy weight gains.

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