Allergy Relief

womans hand with psoriasis
womans hand with psoriasis

Herbal remedies are one of the most common natural allergy remedies for an allergy, mainly because they are easy to incorporate into a person diet and they have a history of positive results over there many years of use. You must however remember that if you are taking medication you must consult your doctor before taking herbal remedies as they may interact with your medication.

Natural allergy remedies

Some of the more common herbs that are used in natural allergy remedies include:

  • Mint – this can be added to your diet easily. It has been found to have good results with headaches associated with nasal congestion. It may also help with relieving itchy throats and skin. Mint tea can help reduce a chronic dry cough.
  • Papaya – Effective in relieving allergies due to its ability to de-neutralize proteins.
  • Butterbur – often used to treat ailments such as coughs, stomach cramps, allergies and asthma. Research has still not proved exactly how this herb works, many believe that it stimulates the secretion of natural antihistamines in the body, whilst others think that it blocks the body from manufacturing histamine along with other inflammatory agents.
  • Nettle – many believe that it helps to reduce the symptoms of allergies including itching, watery varikosette or dry eyes and a runny nose. It is often used as a preventative measure for treating sensitivities and allergies
  • Mulberry – used for patients whose symptoms can include an irritated throat and a persistent dry cough.
  • Horehound – breaks up mucous congestion so it is helpful for sinus infections, used by many people in place of traditional decongestants and for relieving sore throats and coughs.
  • Quercetin – not a herb, but often mistaken for one. Quercetin comes from water-soluble plant particles. It can be found in many foods that you eat including red onions and apples.
  • Burdock – this is a bitter herb but it is very effective for treating dry and scaly skin, which can help to reduce itchy skin.

Herbs can be found in many forms the more popular are capsules and tea. As a lot of herbs are bitter try adding honey or lemon to sweeten the taste.

When taking natural allergy remedies to watch out for any interactions, herbs, as well as medicines, can often interact negatively with each other. Always take care if you are taking more than one herb if you suspect any signs of interaction consult your doctor immediately.

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