7 Celebrities who have Eczema?

attractive woman with makeup and pink nails
attractive woman with makeup and pink nails

Leann Rimes had to deal with childhood eczema/psoriasis and had to go through great lengths to hide her condition. She had to face her peers who were making fun of her, calling her names like “the scaly girl”, and she would go home crying due to the name callings. She was also limited in her choice of activities, as she had to sat out those in order to not show her eczema as well as avoiding triggers that could cause flare ups. Swimming was a no-go as she did not want to wear a bathing suit.

In her frank interview talking about her eczema experience, she mentioned that her parents had used “topical steroids all over on her body morning and night.” Is this a potential clue of topical steroid addiction or dependency?

According to relevant sources on the internet, Britney had foot eczema and this apparently is triggered by extreme stress/pressure. There is somewhat plenty of attention on her foot eczema, but in all honestly this is small in scale compared to what topical steroid addiction sufferers go through.

Very little is known about Nicole Kidman’s skin condition. According to Skinema, her movie roles seem to have a link to dermatology related themes. Images to suggest that she has eczema appeared during several movie premieres, in which her hands were literally red, wrinkled, fissured and scaly.

A quick search on Adele eczema showed that she had eczema from boiling bottles for her kid. Little is there to suggest that it is a big problem for her. I am more interested in how she managed her “contact eczema” and the type of medicine or creams she used.

Similar to LeAnn Rimes, Kate Middleton was bullied at school due to her skin condition. It was an emotionally testing period for her during school as she was very self conscious about her skin. She is also allergic to horses, and had to stay away from them so as to avoid symptoms like a runny nose, asthma, eczema or hives.

I couldn’t find much info about Jade Jagger (so perhaps she is not that big of a celebrity), other than this reference that suggests she tried homeopathy for her chronic eczema symptoms. Homeopathy for eczema is always interesting to me, since the conventional medical treatment is the standard prescription of topical steroid creams and this is always a no-go personally. What did she do, who did she see, what lifestyle changes did the homeopaths suggest, were there improvements to her skin?

According to this funny source, Brad Pitt became smelly because he stopped using soap, as he had realised the all the iatrogenics of such synthetic products and have started his own homemade products. He has also borrowed some skin cream from Cate Blanchett for his eczema, thus implying there is a condition he is trying to fix. It appears he also suffers from contact eczema through the makeup he wore in his movies.

I believe there are more famous people and celebrities who have eczema and related chronic skin diseases.

Very few of them acknowledge their condition publicly due to the stigma associated.

Who knows how many of them actually suffer from steroid-induced eczema or topical steroid addiction?

Nonetheless, it is not your skin or your eczema that defines you. It is what you DO that defines you.

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